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Welcome to Judy's FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you received any special comments from people about your Art Work that you would like to share with us? TOP
Yes! I often receive wonderful comments about my Art Work from people all over the world who appreciate my paintings. It is very gratifying. Unfortunately I can't post all of them, but here are a few that I have selected:

"After meeting American artist Judy Mastrangelo at The UK Magical Faerie Festival in April 2010, I fell in love with her creations and the sense of wonder, colour and magic that each painting portrayed. I want to help share her passion with fairy and fantasy lovers who live on this side of the Fairy Pond."

from: Matthew Callow ~

Creator of Judy Mastrangelo's online store for the UK & the rest of Europe:
Magical Fairy Art Shop

Editor of The Magical Times Magazine

Head of the UK Magical Festivals

"I found your art through Doreen Virtue's oracle cards. The Fairy Chakra painting ("HEALING SPIRIT") is one of my favorites . . . that particular card and painting helped me to heal my body at one time. :) I used to look at that card and then ask the Faeries to help balance my chakras and send healing energy to my body. It really helped a lot!"  

from: Adrienne Dumas ~

Editor and Creator of "The Faeries and Angels Magazine",

Host and Creator of "The Faeries and Angels Radio Network",

a certified Reiki Master and a Registered Healer:

The Faeries and Angels Magazine

"Judy's exquisite attention to detail and use of colors within her artwork assist to capture & illuminate the True Essence & depth of her creative talents, offering opportunities to ignite imaginations ~expand consciousness~"look beyond the veil"~opening windows to worlds of possibilities & the mystical realms, while opening one's heart to the love radiating so freely from her soul to the world through her artwork."    

from: KarriAnn ~

Angelic, Spiritual, Intuitive Healing,

Reading, Support, Empowerment

"Soul Founder" of:

Kaleidescapes Of Light

When I was a little girl my mother read to me Antique Fairy Tales (illustrated by you). The illustrations in the book that really shaped my life. They inspired so much of me.The illustration in particular you did that really shaped my life the most was your Pandora's Box from The Paradise of Children. The Pandora's Box piece with the evil's coming out of the box was always my favorite. I love how you capture the idea of disease and sadness and evil. Its hard to imagine (to me at least) how disease and sorrow could be recreated using an art medium but you nailed it. I think your pencil drawings are just fantastic. That piece really captures movement and chaos through your line work.

I wanted to let you know how much your artwork means to me. I truly believe that your Pandora's Box is the single best work of art I have ever seen throughout my life. I am around art all day long. And even so- your work sticks out to me more than all others I see.  

So thank you Judy. Your art work will forever stay in my heart-.

Sincerely, Your biggest fan,  

from: Paige Goodworth ~ Rochester NY

"I really adore your art!! One thing I think you have a particular genius in, is FACES....all of your fairies and angels are exquisite! I truly admire it..."

from: Amy Walker ~ Mobile, Alabama

Dear dear Judy,  Thank you for the Christmas wish.  The Winter Angel is gorgeous.  You are so blessed.  Your light shines through your pictures. 

from: Bonnie Olson ~ Tigard, Oregon

Hello, Judy! Greetings from Ukraine! I like your pictures very much. They are so beautiful, and magical. They are like a bridge to another world, ~ a world of fairy-tale where everything is possible and every dream comes true. May inspiration always be with you. We all need your art!

from: Iryna Karivets'

Translator and Art-Therapist from Lviv, Ukraine

"I wish I could make every picture of yours big and hang them all on my walls just so I can look at them all day every day. But I won't have enough space and soon they will cover all the walls in every room like wallpaper :-)".

from:Holly Kaimil

a Law Student ~ from Perth, Western Australia

(In reference to one of Judy's paintings) "Extraordinary.  The face is so angelic and tender it makes me melt!"

from: Maxine Gadd, a very talented and well known Fantasy Artist

from Perth, Western Australia


Fatara World

"Your art transcends the universe, Judy!!".

from Nico Dou

who lives in Paris, France

"I saw your paintings and I think that you must have the closest vision of heaven than anyone else on earth. This alone makes you special."

from: Francis X Mcilhenny ~ Florida

"It's a big pleasure to contact you cause I'm a huge fan of yours and your work. Is absolutely BEAUTIFUL what you create... pure Light and Love everywhere!!!... I love your style. So sweet and delicate. So special. You express lots of things to me!! All straight to my Soul. Is beautiful...
You create pure Magic. Thanks a lot Judy! 
Big Hug"

Tania Aparicio

who lives Spain

Dear Judy,  After many years of searching, I am so excited to have finally found the evocative art of Judy Mastrangelo!  As a child, my Nana had a poster print of the lovely 'Mime Blowing Heart Bubbles' in her spare bedroom where I often stayed and I would stare at it for hours, imagining the magical world where the mime lived.  My Nana passed away several years ago and ever since I have been hunting for a copy of the print; it's always been something that I was hoping I would find one day and could display in her memory.  God bless you and thank you Judy for sharing your gift, especially this piece which has provided me with a truly special, lifelong memory.

from: Holly Warner, Virginia Beach, VA

How did you get started? What was your evolutionary process? TOP
As a child, I loved to draw everything, and everyone I saw. I always doodled in the margins of my copy books while in school, and I carried a sketch book with me almost everywhere.

My teenage and young adult work was was a bit more morose and dark. I was influenced at that time by the German Expressionists and Surrealist Painters.

When I discovered the French Impressionists, my art became lighter and brighter in my colors and style. I still have somewhat of an Impressionistic background style, and I often enjoy using Monet-type colors.

Nowadays my art is tending in the direction of the PreRaphaelites with their realistic rendition of Fantasy and Myths. I tend to concentrate on painting "Beautiful" themes.

But I might, some time in the future, paint more themes "On The Dark Side". You never know what the future might bring. I might be drawn to another kind of art. Luckily, I do have the facility of painting in many different ways. So I'm able to choose whichever direction I want to go.

Are there any other Artists in your family? TOP
My parents were  both Artists. Dad was a sculptor, and also did wonderful drawings, watercolors and cartoons. Mom is still an active Artist. She has done beautiful oil paintings with just a palette knife, not brushes. My brother was a professional guitarist.

What is your attraction for Fantasy Art? TOP
I love the Fairy Tale quality of Fantasy Art.  It uplifts me and brings out the childhood imagination that I enjoy.   At this time in my life, as I mentioned, I tend more toward the Lightful positive side of Fantasy than the interior dark side of it.  I do enjoy the macabre, it's just that I would rather not be immersed in it myself.  It would tend to depress me.

I have enjoyed the Bosch and Dali type Fantasy elements which have influenced me to this day. And Fantasy, along with other children's story book illustration has always played a big part in my Art.

Who it is the inspires your work if any, and who are your heroes in the painting and Art industry? TOP
My Soul Mate and Husband Michael, a true Renaissance Man, has been the most influential and greatest inspiration to me, in my growth as an Artist, and as a Woman.  

I have always been inspired by great Artists throughout history, and regard them as my teachers.  Some of my favorites are those of the Italian Renaissance, the Pre- Raphealites (I like John W. Waterhouse the most), the Victorian Artists, The Hudson River School of Landscape Painters, The Brandywine School of illustrators, etc.   Maxfield Parrish is my favorite illustrator, and I feel that Sir Joseph Noel Paton is one of the greatest Fairy Artists.  In my small way, I also enjoy continuing in the tradition of Beatrix Potter with her little animal people, and Cicely M. Barker with her lovely Flower Fairies. There are many Artists of today who are my heroes.  There are too many to list here, but many are a great Inspiration to me.

Are there any figurines, puzzles, and other products on the market using your Art work? TOP
Yes, there are several companies which I license my Artwork to for various products. Most of the companies I work with do not sell directly to the general public, they only sell wholesale. You can purchase many of my products, such as Figurines, Prints, Night Lights, Candles, Buttons, Magnets, Keychains, Puzzles, and Books, etc, from my two E-commerce Online Stores at:

Some other products made with my artwork are:


CRAFTING - Tubes and Tags:


As a painter, what medium/s do you use? Do you do any other forms of Art? TOP
My first mediums were, understandably - crayons, which I loved to eat as well as draw with. 

I then developed a very good technique with pencil drawing, which I feel has been an excellent foundation to the Art of Painting.  I used to enjoy using pastels and charcoals a lot, but, found them a bit messy.  I did enjoy blending them, and I have developed that blending technique in my painting methods today.   

I enjoyed watercolors, but since I make so many mistakes, I found they were difficult to correct with that medium. I am happy to use acrylic paints, with which I can simulate the effect of either watercolors, or oils. I paint on a very fine grained portrait type canvas, after applying several coats of gesso on it.

I did try my hand at sculpting, pottery, creative embroidery, etc. But my greatest talent is in painting, and prefer to spend my time doing this form of art, since I love it the most.

Where do you find your inspiration, and how do you plan a painting? TOP
I find my Inspiration everywhere. The Beauty of Nature is a great influence on my Art work, and I try to portray my love for it in my paintings. Fantasy Literature, Movies, Music and other Art forms are a wonderful stimulous to my Imagination.

I plan a painting in my head, through a technique I am developing that I call Mind Painting. I close my eyes and envision the finished creation. Then I strive to paint it. I don't do any sketches at all. Somehow, a sketch isn't good enough to portray my ideal vision that I want to paint. I prefer to Day Dream about it, and never loose that ideal in my mind.

Is Painting the only thing that you do? TOP
I've taught Art, Modern Dance and Classical Ballet, and Drama to adults and children.  I also created a Community Theater Group, presenting classical literature, including Fairy Tales and Shakespeare, on stage.  At this time I have decided not to teach anymore, and to devote myself solely to my Art Work.  I always have been fascinated with the gracefulness of dancers, and often ask them to be models for my paintings. 

Some of my most rewarding experiences in life are enjoying the simple pleasures with my loving husband Michael. We go on walks in nature, gardens, the woods, etc., and feeding the little wildlife that come to visit in our backyard. We enjoy the Fine Arts together, such as Music, Dance and Drama. Our lives would feel empty without them.

I do enjoy illustrating books very much, and am working on writing and doing art for some now. One of my favorite experiences was painting scenes from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream" for the book "Tales From Shakespeare". It was a delight to paint the world of Fairies that The Bard portrayed in that play.

Do you have any words of advice for all those aspiring Artists out there? TOP
One of the main suggestions I have is to always hold on to your Dream. I am a great believer in visualizing the ideal person you want to be, and to constantly strive to become that wonderful individual. Think of what type of artist you would like to become. Hold that high ideal forever in your mind, and never let that image disappear. Always have the highest goals.

I know it is very difficult to make a living with one's art. Usually an Artist has to take on commission work in order to make ends meet. And that's very understandable. I've don't a lot of being an "Artist for Hire" also. With luck, and perseverance, you can get jobs doing Art work that you enjoy a lot. This is because usually, speaking from my own experience, you do the Art best that you enjoy doing the most. But sometimes you may be asked to create something that you don't want to do. So I would advise you to always strive to get those jobs doing the Art that will develop your talent in the direction you really want to go.

Always strive to do your best. It will come. Never give up hope. Sometimes you can do it on your own. With some Artists, working with an Art Agent, Licensing Agency, Art Studio, etc. is helpful. Explore and Research all your options. Don't jump into anything without looking into all the possibilities that could be open to you.

Since my finest teachers have been the Great Masters of the Past, I continually study and learn from them, to this day. I never feel that I know everything there is about painting. This attitude make me always strive to be better, and it is also very exciting to know there are many new vistas to explore.

You have to love Art in order to have patience to stick with it and never give up. I have had many set backs in my career, as have many other Artists. But I don't let these bad experiences get me down. I just pick myself up and continue on. That is because I love doing it so much. The world of Painting is a great joy to me, and if I gave it up, there would be a great void in my life.

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